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quarta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2012

Ouro O Verdadeiro Interesse Por Trás de Belo Monte


The 100% owned Volta Grande Project is located approximately 60 kilometres southwest of the town of Altamira (pop. 100,000) in the northern region of Para State. The geological setting (Tres Palmeiras greenstone belt) at the project areas is part of the same sequences present in the Carajas "Word Class" mineral province. The Company currently controls the mining and exploration rights over an area covering 130,541 hectares(1,305 sq. km) of the area known for artisanal gold mining. Read more

Exploration Activities

In order to prepare the Volta Grande Project for a Definitive Feasibility Study which will commence in Q3 of 2013, Belo Sun launched a large diamond drill program in mid 2010 with the aim of upgrading and expanding the projects resources. Since drilling commenced in 2010, Belo Sun has increased the Measured & Indicated Resources to 2,852,000 oz/Au with an average grade of 1.69 g/t Au. Likewise, Inferred Resources were increased to 2,322,000 oz/Au with an average grade of 1.81 g/t Au. Additionally, drill results continue to confirm the potential for further increasing the resources at Volta Grande. Read more

NI 43-101 Resources

The table below present the estimate details:
Volta Grande Project Resources Measured Indicated Measured &
Ouro Verde Pit Constrained Tonnes  16,473,000 10,118,000 26,591,000 17,188,000
  Ounces @ 0.5 g/t cut-off  958,000 551,000 1,510,000 930,000
  Grade (g/t Au)  1.81 1.69 1.77 1.68
Ouro Verde Underground Tonnes  

  Ounces @ 2.0 g/t cut-off  

  Grade (g/t Au)  

Grota Seca Pit Constrained Tonnes 17,794,000 7,968,000 25,762,000 18,107,000
  Ounces 927,000 405,000  1,333,000 963,000
  Average Grade (g/t Au)  1.62 1.58  1.61 1.66
Grota Seca Underground Tonnes 14,000 84,000 98,000 421,000
  Ounces @ 2.0 g/t cut-off 1,000 9,000 10,000 51,000
  Grade (g/t Au) 2.34 3.33 3.18 3.77
Total Volta Grande Tonnes 34,281,000 18,170,000 52,451,000 39,990,000
  Ounces 1,887,000 966,000 2,852,000 2,322,000
  Grade (g/t Au) 1.71 1.65 1.69 1.81
Mineral resources are not mineral reserves and do not have a demonstrated economic viability. All figures have been rounded to reflect accuracy of the estimates. The statement is reported at a cut-off grade of 0.5 gpt gold for open pit mineral resources, and 2.0 gpt gold for underground (outside of pit) mineral resources. The cut-off grades are based on a gold price of US$1,300 per troy ounce and metallurgical recoveries of 90 percent for saprolite and 95 percent for unweathered material.

Volta Grande Infrastructure

The Volta Grande Project is endowed with excellent access to established infrastructure. The project is located 60 kilometers from the city of Altamira which has a population of approximately 95,000 and an airport with regularly scheduled commercial flights. The project can be accessed from Altamira either by river or by road - both options are suitable for the transport of necessary equipment. The city of Altamira is also equipped with a 230 kilowatt transmission line from which the project will draw its power for the first years of production. Volta Grande itself is situated alongside the Xingu river's "Big Bend" (or the "Volta Grande") upon which the Brazilian government has begun construction the world's third largest hydro-damming facility - the Belo Monte Hydro Dam. (click "read more" to see map outlining locations below) Read more

Property History

Exploration for gold deposits in the Volta Grande area of the eastern Amazon region of Brazil dates back to the Portuguese Conquests of the 16th century and has since continued sporadically to the present. Initial discovery of gold at the Volta Grande (Big Bend) site is believed to have been made in the early 1900s.

Mining by Garimpeiros (Artisanal Miners)

Many parts of the Volta Grande Property have been mined in the past by garimpeiros (artisanal miners). From the 1960s to late 1990s, the average grade of material extracted from numerous small alluvial gold deposits of the area is reported to be up to 3 oz/ton gold (anecdotal reports from local garimpeiros). These included the Ouro Verde, Gaúcho, Canela, Serrinha, Grota Sêca, Galo, Japão, Nobelino, and other workings by garimpeiros near the village of Itatá. Some of these garimpeiro workings are still active. Read More

Property Geology

Regional Geology

The Volta Grande Project area is situated along the northern boundary of the Carajas-Iricoumé Block of the Eastern Amazonian Craton. In this part of the Amazonian Craton, the regional structures have a northwesterly trend. In the area west of Belém, the southern segment of the Amazonian Craton is underlain by east-northeasttrending Phanerozoic cover rocks of the Amazon Basin. Read more

Local Geology

The Volta Grande property is situated along a major ductile deformation zone within the west-northwest trending Três Palmeiras greenstone belt. It is underlain by west northwest trending and steeply south dipping gneisses of metasedimentary and/or metavolcanic origin and syntectonic diorite. Read more.

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